Our greatest joy is realizing potential

Avallé is a portfolio of winery brands focused on empowering remarkable winemakers in the pursuit of crafting exceptional wine from select vineyards across the Columbia Valley AVA in Washington State.


Our wines reflect our love for this dynamic region and our commitment to see it elevated alongside the other great wine regions of the world.


Each bottle of Matthews carries the excellence of fruit grown in our own backyard, grounded in the world’s most honored winemaking traditions.


Tenor single varietal wines showcase the best of Washington. Each bottle is a complete expression of the grape, place, and moment in time.


Here in Washington, a region unlike any other in the world, miles of vines stretch across 19 diverse AVAs to produce a range of thriving varietals.


Each bottle captures the essence of the vintage, showcasing the dynamic tension unique to white wines from sustainable vineyards in Washington.

Single Barrel

It all started with one barrel, a snapshot evoking the sun on the fruit and soil. One sip, and we never looked at winemaking the same way again.

From the Sky Down

From the Sky Down is an exploration of single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from exceptional vineyard sites across the Columbia Valley AVA.

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